God’s Own Junkyard

You will, I’m sure, have seen this place splashed across Instagram already (guilty as charged). Access is free, so it may be tempting to pop in just long enough to get that IG-worthy snap; but you’ve travelled all the way to Walthamstow – quite a commitment if you’re from SW London like me – why not stop awhile?

The overflow pile!

I mean, for starters, they have the entryway pretty much set up as an Igers’ dream, so do make sure to explore further in to truly appreciate all of the quirky sineage, and the work that clearly goes into arranging it. You can even grab drinks and snacks in their own fully-licenced bar/cafe.

If you think this might be a bit of an overwhelming experience, look carefully and you can find a little paradise of an outside area for a less neon, but no less artistic, place to enjoy your refreshments.

Once you’ve had your fill, make sure to explore the rest of the industrial park too. I realise this doesn’t sound the most appetizing, but in true London fashion a plethora of weird and wonderful businesses have popped up, many seemingly building on God’s Own Junkyard’s photogenic reputation.

Mother’s Ruin is a gin bar with a menu the size of a small novel; and for those still on a photo-taking kick the space is amazing too, having once been a WWI munitions factory. Plus, as not the biggest gin fan, even I enjoyed their wintry spiced-gin cocktail served with a toasted marshmallow!

Although I’ve unfortunately not had the chance to try them, there’s also Jamaican jerk chicken and Harley-Davidson powered barbecue to be had; and in good weather (i.e. never when I’m there…) a whole host of micro-breweries open their doors with outside seating.

Closest station: Wood Street (Overground)
Price: FREE
Website: www.godsownjunkyard.co.uk


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