Rib Night, The Blues Kitchen Brixton

(Image credit: Blues Kitchen)

“Shake off the Monday blues with an epic stack of slow cooked, juicy beef and pork ribs for just £10!” Now, shaking was definitely not possible after eating that much food; but did I feel better after a dour Monday? YES. If you haven’t guessed already, this post is not a veggie-friendly one.

My boyfriend had been eyeing up The Blues Kitchen’s rib night offer for ages, and now we’ve been I’ll definitely make time for it again. We went to the Brixton branch, but I believe the offer’s available in their Camden and Shoreditch restaurants too (unfortunately all on Mondays, in case you were planning on making a week of it!).

The rib night platter is not for the faint of heart (metaphorically or physically!), but is a ‘stack’ of something ever going to be good for you?

An amazing combo of a couple pork ribs and one (huge) beef rib, the platter is absolutely worth the money and it will easily feed two with a couple of sides. If you’re not a fan of sharing, or if you’re planning on visiting solo, I’d recommend saving the beef rib, taking it home, and shredding the meat into a quick and delicious chilli con carne – which is what we did (having mistakenly thought we’d have room for milkshakes).

The Blues Kitchen generally is great fun, with bluesy themed interiors and live music every night. Do keep an eye on their events page though, as some do require booking; and not all tables have a good view of the stage area, so you might want to try reserve a particular table in advance. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a quiet night you might want to make sure to stay away from the booming brass!

Closest station: Brixton (Victoria)
Price: £10+ (rib night offer)
Website: theblueskitchen.com/brixton


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