Secret Southwark wandering

I first discovered Saira on Instagram, and was really excited to see her post about a ‘Secret Southwark Wandering’ on the 12th of August. My boyfriend is relatively new to London, plus we’re looking at moving so are both keen on exploring new areas (and we weren’t the only ones using it for this reason).

My only knowledge of Southwark up to this point was an evening spent in the giant Decathalon in preparation for a work camping trip (yes, really); and as shallow as this sounds I’d decided I liked the area because there were ducks.

But Southwark has way more to offer than some resident swans! One of the stops we made on this Living London wandering was to the Surrey Docks farm, a somewhat unreal opportunity to visit and feed goats and donkeys and sheep (oh my!) right on the bank of the Thames. They also have a lovely cafe, where we tried the veggie samosas and delicious German apple cake.

We also visited Stave Hill – with gorgeous views both into the city and out over Canary Wharf – and its surrounding ecology park. In the central visitor area we were given an introduction to the project’s history by a knowledgeable The Conservation Volunteers member, before having time to explore some of the 5.2 acre park.

Our last stop was Greenland Dock, a beautiful old dock full of intriguing houseboat galore.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the walk cost £4 and there were around 25 of us, which was admittedly more people than I expected. I also though the walk could have done with a bit more “tour-guiding” – but I suppose that’s what the rest of the fabulous Living London site is for, to discover and explore yourself.

Closest station: Various
Price: £10 (UPDATED)


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