V&A London Design Festival

Originally planning on attending the Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition, but chickening out when we saw the size of the queue, we were drawn instead to the huge, neon sign declaring "London Design Festival 2017". 

Notting Hill Carnival

I'd heard about the reputation that Notting Hill Carnival had, and knowing how busy even the less-notorious London festivals get, I was  ready for a rowdy day. This fear wasn't assuaged by the amount of boarded-up and graffiti-ed buildings along our route in. However, as boring as it sounds, I wasn't in it for the party, so I planned to avoid the crowds and had a lovely day.

Secret Southwark wandering

I first discovered Saira on Instagram, and was really excited to see her post about a 'Secret Southwark Wandering' on the 12th of August. My boyfriend is relatively new to London, plus we're looking at moving (hopefully soon) so are both keen on exploring new areas.

Matilda the Musical

I had no particular plans to see Matilda the Musical, but I do love the original story, musicals in general, and Tim Minchin, so I suppose it was only a matter of time really. However, it became an absolute necessity as soon as I heard about the under 30's £5 tickets. The Cambridge Theatre has a special offer where you can get £5, yes £5, tickets to this great musical. Quick, go now!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I was lucky enough to get to see this fairly early on, as a friend-of-a-friend had to drop out, so I’d only read a few pages into the script (of course I bought the script), and decided to stop there in the hopes of remaining spoiler-free. This was lucky, because had I finished reading the script, there was no way I would have bothered trying to get tickets. The story-line in no way lives up to the standard of J.K.’s Harry Potter books, likely because it wasn’t written in entirety by her.

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